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n unforgettable visit’
n unforgettable visit’
Château Tayac wines are to be found on tables right
around the world, and therefore the whole world
comes to visit the Château. It’s well worth going out of
your way to see this magnificent site with its Château,
terraces, vineyard and remarkable setting – and not
only for the wine! These visits are carefully recorded in
the visitors’ book and the comments give nothing but
praise ... in many languages. The Saturny’s certainly
know how to receive their guests.
It is a long time now since the first tastings took place
in the dining room at the Château. Today, a lounge,
which can receive 150 connoisseurs, amateurs and
even school children, has been specially fitted out.
Windows look out over one of the Château’s two
wine-stores and a large rustic table encourages
conviviality. Here, Annick Saturny enjoys her favourite
role, that of hostess – she invites you to taste the
wines, describes the Château’s history, takes you
round the property and shows you the equipment.